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Reblium is professional 3D software for creating realistic characters - Bring believable characters to life with engaging AI tools. - Shape 3D objects and scenes with intuitive sculpting tools. - Create realistic digital humans; from portraits to full body ready for productions


Face Engine 1.0

Generate any ethnicity at scale using our extensive library of character facial sculpt. Randomizer allows you to randomize all traits or if you aiming for a certain style just check the character traits and generate a new one with a single click.

Body Engine 1.0

Body in all size and height with garments that dynamicly update with the BMI of the model. No need to re-rigged your model after changes. Perfect to create wide range of characters for games or fashion.

Import Custom Heads

Personalize Your Avatars: Easily import custom head models to give your characters a unique look. With our intuitive interface, you can integrate your designs in no time.

High Compatibility: Support for FBX file formats ensures that your custom heads fit perfectly with our avatars, maintaining the integrity and detail of your original designs.

Export to Unity & UE5

Seamless Integration: Export your fully rigged and animated avatars directly to Unity and Unreal Engine. Our FBX optimized export process ensures that your characters are game-ready and look flawless.

Enhanced Performance: Reblium avatars are optimized and baked using one single draw call for performance, ensuring smooth integration and high-quality visuals in both Unity and Unreal environments.

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