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Last updated: November 28, 2023

Reblika Revolutionizes the Avatar Industry with the Launch of REBLIUM, its highly-anticipated avatar creation platform.

(Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Reblika proudly announces the upcoming launch of its groundbreaking REBLIUM platform. The introduction of Reblika's own software platform, marks a significant milestone in the company's journey, reflecting its evolution and commitment to revolutionizing the avatar industry with cutting-edge technology.


Reblika, founded by the visionary and artistic genius Mao Lin Liao, has been a prominent name in the fashion, gaming, and film industries for decades, even putting his skills to work for human rights causes such as the world renowned, Sweetie project. Mao's award-winning portfolio, coupled with an intricate attention to detail in everything related to digital humans, has attracted a remarkable team of like-minded and exceptionally talented artists and developers. Together, they have emerged as one of the strongest forces in the digital avatar industry.


Working with esteemed clients such as Adidas, David Guetta, Balmain, and LVMH, Reblika amassed extensive knowledge and capabilities in crafting digital identities. This expertise naturally led to the creation of REBLIUM, its cloud-based software platform poised to redefine the way avatars are created and experienced.


With the launch of the REBLIUM platform,  Reblika showcases its commitment to pushing the boundaries of avatar technology, making it more inclusive, engaging, and accessible; catering to the needs of artists, digital fashion pioneers, gamers, virtual influencers, and all around tech enthusiasts.

The REBLIUM platform, powered by Unreal Game Engine, offers powerful and versatile solutions that cater to a diverse range of businesses and industries:


What started as an internal R&D project, soon became a powerful tool that helps artists visualize their character.  The intuitive, user-friendly interface ensures that you don’t need to be an artist or a tech wizard to bring your digital identity to life. With just a few clicks, you can design avatars that mirror your personality and style, all in a beautiful and seamless manner.  With its intuitive design, versatile features, and cutting-edge technology, REBLIUM empowers you to craft avatars that are as unique as your imagination.

  • 8 preset avatars

  • Garment library

  • Save & access avatar on the cloud

REBLIUM PLUS (Coming Soon!)

Introducing Generative AI for your avatar. Simply ask our AI to generate your avatar based on your photo or play with our Avatar generator.  All of the features of our freemium Reblium solution but super powered! 75% more customization options via sliders, dials, and color scales. Extensive library of wearable assets.  First access to our revolutionary new feature releases:

  • AI Generative Mode

  • Photo 2 Avatar Functionality

REBLIUM PRO (Coming Soon!)

REBLIUM PRO is your local version of Reblium. Save and export avatars as you like. No more blurry pixels. Work directly with Xsens and iPhone AR Kiit . Import custom faces and clothing, or use our own DCC software to create something unique. We developed Reblium Pro as an internal tool now to give back to our community. Access your avatar both locally and on the cloud.

  • Avatar SDK

  • 32 preset avatars

  • AI Generative Mode

  • Photo 2 Avatar Functionality

  • Premium Scanning

  • ARkit Face rig ( New)

  • Face Engine 1.0  ( New )

  • Body Engine 1.0 ( New)

  • Reblium API  ( New)

  • Unreal / Unity plugin

  • Import Custom Garment/Accessories

  • Unlimited export of Avatars

"We are thrilled to unveil REBLIUM to the world," said Mao Lin Liao, Founder and CEO. "It represents the culmination of our team's passion and expertise in digital human creation. With our REBLIUM platform, we aim to empower businesses and individuals with an immersive and inclusive avatar solution for the metaverse and beyond."

On December 1st, 2023, REBLIUM will officially launch its cloud-based REBLIUM platform, unlocking a new era of avatar experiences for users worldwide. To learn more about Reblika's transformative journey and for more information about REBLIUM and its groundbreaking technology, please visit:

About Reblika:

Reblika is a pioneering Creative Tech Company based in the Netherlands. Specializing in inclusive avatar system solutions, Reblika offers advanced technology for games, metaverse, and spatial computing applications. With a commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Reblika strives to redefine the avatar industry and shape the future of digital interactions.

For media inquiries, please contact:

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