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DHS Core Engine

Our DHS Core Engine is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to create, animate, and manage ultra-realistic 3D avatars. It can be accessed through API or as a plugin inside a DCC like Unreal and Unity, offering over 1000 traits and attributes that can be controlled externally.

DHS face

Our Photo2Avatar AI face generator offers infinite face generation using our proprietary dataset. With our Multi Facial Blending Technology, you can create blendshapes on any facial topology.

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DHS body

Our procedural body system allows for global controls like BMI, muscularity, and aging of the body, as well as local controls like individually adjustable limbs and amputee options.

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DHS animate

DeepRig/Deepface RT uses deep learning from Original Force for realistic animation. 

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DHS Crowd

Create pedestrian NPC generators and generate up to 1 million characters for multi-player experiences.

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DHS Cloth

Combine clothing and procedural texturing, solve problems with intersecting clothing, manage clothing, and more.

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DHS Configurator

Our DHS Configurator offers a customizable UI/UX, access to pixel streaming, a marketplace, Xsolla, and personal login. It's a powerful tool that allows you to tailor the DHS Core Engine to your specific needs, whether you're a game developer, content creator, or tech company. The configurator is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and use.

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Our DHS API allows for seamless integration of our DHS Core Engine into your existing systems. It provides a robust and flexible interface for managing and controlling the various features of the DHS Core Engine, including face and body creation, animation, crowd generation, clothing management, and more.

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