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Explore endless possibilities using our Face generator

Reblium Studio allows created and explorer endless version of your character and export them to your favorite 3D software.

About Us



Reblika is a pioneering Creative Tech Company based in the Netherlands. Specializing in inclusive avatar system solutions, Reblika offers advanced technology for games, metaverse, and spatial computing applications. With a commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Reblika strives to redefine the avatar industry and shape the future of digital interactions.

Reblika, founded by the visionary and artistic mind of Mao Lin Liao, has been a prominent name in the fashion, gaming, and film industries for decades. Mao's award-winning portfolio, coupled with an intricate attention to detail in everything related to digital humans, has attracted a remarkable team of like-minded and exceptionally talented artists and developers. Together, they have emerged as one of the strongest forces in the digital avatar industry.


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